Hello there! My name is Kaitlyn. I like simple things and try to find joy in the everyday.

I live in Florida. I currently spend most of my time in Central Florida at Southeastern University, but my heart is always at home in South Florida. I am finishing up my undergrad studies, and am pursuing a degree in communication with a minor in business. After graduation, I have plans of working with a record label in the Christian music industry.

Things I love: God, people, my family, tea, coffee, books, music, cats, concerts, travel, cold weather, good food, and adventure.

I've tried my hand at blogging on a number of occasions, but many times the time wasn't right. I enjoy writing and sharing snippets of my life with others, so I am starting anew and hope that you find something here that you like.

Thanks for popping in! I do hope that you'll stay.

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